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The Ultimate Guide for Guerrilla Marketing For Your Podcast

There are multiple ways you can promote your podcast and reach your target audience in no time! However, when new podcasters launch their first podcast, they tend to spend most of their budget getting the best podcasting tools, which is also a necessity! In such cases, they tend to compromise on their podcast promotion which is an absolute blunder! Hence, today we will talk about the podcast Guerrilla Marketing, the most popular yet the most underrated method of growing your podcast with zero to negligible investment! Let’s get started.

What is Guerrilla Marketing?

The term Guerrilla Marketing is derived from Guerrilla fighting, which implies adding a surprise element to the products you are aiming to promote!

Guerilla marketing is a popular marketing tactic for small business owners and new podcasters, which involves adding an element of surprise to their marketing campaigns to make the entire campaign fun and exciting!

This low or no-cost unconventional marketing strategy will help you promote your podcasts in the best way while engaging with the public on a personal level. 

What are the Pros and Cons of Guerrilla Marketing?

Even though Guerilla marketing seems like a very easy and fun way of advertising your podcasts, you may want to be aware of the potential pros and cons of Guerrilla marketing before you jump right into it.

Pros of Guerrilla Marketing

The following are the pros of guerilla marketing:

  • You can promote your podcasts at a fraction of the cost of the regular spread. While the investments are lower here, the ROI would be significantly higher, which is one of the most significant advantages of podcast guerrilla marketing.
  • When it comes to conventional marketing campaigns, there are specific guidelines and rules that you are supposed to follow. However, with podcast guerrilla marketing, you have the complete freedom in adding as many surprise elements into your campaign as your interest with no restrictions! Podcast guerrilla marketing challenges your creativity levels which mark the foundation of the outcome of the strategy.
  • There are many instances wherein brands have promoted their podcasts via Guerilla marketing, and they ended up being viral pretty quickly! Hence, if you have added the right dose of creativity and fun to your guerilla marketing campaigns, the media, and the people do the job of spreading your message with no extra effort!

Cons of Guerilla Marketing

And now, the cons of guerilla marketing:

  • One of the major disadvantages of Guerilla Marketing is the chances of failure. Just like no marketing strategies give you 100% assurance of success, there are slight risks of failure in guerilla marketing too! Even though the monetary investment is negligible, your efforts to create creative marketing campaigns may go in vain if the strategy doesn’t work out for your podcasts! Hence, there are no chances of financial debt.
  • In case the message of your guerrilla marketing campaign is not crystal clear to the audience, there could be possible reasons that your audience might misunderstand it, resulting in backlashes.

What is Podcast Guerrilla Marketing?

As we said, the main motive of Guerilla marketing is to attract the masses by adding an element of surprise to your campaigns! Apart from using the word of mouth marketing, which Tindr did a few years ago, you can also try some other innovative ideas such as viral video ideas or creating a fun and exciting billboard for your audience to get them engaged in your brand and direct them to your podcasts!

Likewise, you can also get out onto the street and showcase your brands, such as holding flash mobs and many more. Guerilla marketing gives you the chance to sell your podcasts in person and more creatively than traditional marketing endeavors.

We will discuss some case studies of successful Guerrilla marketing campaigns that became the sensation at their times! 

How to Use Guerilla Marketing to Grow a Podcast

Guerilla marketing is mostly about challenging your creative side of marketing. It comes down to how creative you can get to connect with your audience and compel them to engage with your podcasts! 

To generate the buzz and make your guerilla marketing campaigns successful, you need the help of both the online and offline communities! It is vital that you already have a hold of the changing trends of the world while adding your dose of creativity to the campaigns!

If things still look confusing to you, we will discover a few potential ways to use guerilla marketing and grow your podcasts!

Podcast Guerilla Marketing Tips

Creating the best guerilla marketing campaigns is not rocket science. With a slight bit of research and some dash of creativity, you can easily crack the code to make your podcasts viral with Guerilla Marketing! Let’s check out the Podcast Guerilla Marketing tips that will help you achieve the feat!

Email Marketing

With over 4.1 billion active email users in 2021, email marketing is one of the top-notch ways you can promote your podcasts! It is one of the most common ways to connect with your audience and keep your brand at the forefront of your listeners’ minds! 

One of the most incredible ways to make your guerilla marketing campaigns successful is to create a full-fledged email list of potential listeners interested in your podcasts. Also, find out individuals interested in your niche but still haven’t discovered your podcasts yet! 

Not only can you promote your podcasts to the audience in your email lists, but you can also connect to them by answering their queries if any, and building a more personal connection with them.

In case creating a good email list is not your forte, you should rely on the professionals here. Building an email list is highly important since that forms the base of your complete email marketing strategy. There is no way that you send out regular emails to people who are not interested in your niche or podcast and expect visible results.

Email marketing tools can scrape out the email addresses and other details of the potential audience for you and will present you with a complete email list wherein you can send them regular emails and remind them about your latest launches and similar other exciting news about your podcasts!

If you are concerned about the investment required for email marketing tools, let us assure you that most of the email marketing tools that we will list below give you free plans, low-cost plans, and even free trials! You have full freedom to choose as per your requirements. The best email marketing tools include,


Convertkit helps you create the most engaging emails for your audience, which will help in increasing your click-through rates.

You can also schedule your emails with Convertkit and relax while your email newsletters will be automatically sent to your email list with no extra effort!

Price: It’s free. You can also upgrade to the Creator plan, which costs $29 per month.


MailChimp is one of the best choices for every marketer out there. You can easily build the best email newsletters for your podcast listeners with the drag-and-drop builder, which makes the entire process super easy for beginners. You can also automate your emails and check out real-time analytics about the growth of your email marketing campaign.

Price: It’s free. You can upgrade to the next paid plan for better features, starting from $10 per month.


Hubspot offers multiple free and paid email marketing tools for small business owners and MNCs, which can help build your email lists quickly. Apart from the email marketing tools, you can also check out other marketing features of HubSpot, which can help you grow your podcast audience! 

Price: Many email marketing tools are Free. However, you can upgrade to the Starter plan, which costs $45 per month for better results. 

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is solely dedicated to streamlining your email marketing strategies. Starting from creative email templates to automation. Constant Contact makes your entire email marketing journey simpler!

Price: The paid plans start from $17 per month.


Aweber is another excellent marketing tool that not only helps with your email marketing but also your other strategies such as building landing pages, third-party integrations, and whatnot.

You can easily segment your email newsletters and automate the process with Aweber!

Price: it’s free for up to 500 subscribers. The pro plan starts from $16.15 per month.


If you are a brand promoting your products via your podcasts, ActiveCampaign gives you many tools for sales automation along with email marketing! You can also explore those tools to make your digital marketing journey easier. 

ActiveCampaign has dedicated solutions to different industries, which helps in customized solutions that fit your requirements. With ActiveCampaign, you can send out broadcast emails, triggered emails, targeted emails, and many more.

Price: The plans start from $9 per month.


GetResponse helps you create your email lists and also manage the complete list with no manual efforts. You just need to rely on automation and check out the mail analytics offered in the GetResponse dashboard. 

Price: The plans start from $15 per month.


Ontraport again gives you many other marketing benefits apart from email marketing. Sure, you can create the best emails and automate the procedure. You can also use their sales and other marketing tools that will help you promote your podcasts even better!

Price: The plans start from $79 per month. You also get a free 14-day trial!

Social Media Marketing

There are countless individuals currently scrolling their social media feeds and engaging with the latest trends! Why not leverage it for your podcast guerilla marketing?

Start by sharing your episode on the best social media platforms that consist of most of your targeted audience. 

Whether it’s Facebook. Twitter, Instagram, or Youtube. Share multiple interactive posts which are worth sharing, and you can get viral in no time.

Guest Appearances/ Guest Swapping

Getting booked as a podcast guest is one of the best guerilla marketing tips that you can use to grow your podcasts! You can appear on other people’s podcasts as a guest expert and share your expertise and knowledge with the audience while attracting them to your podcast too!

You can also try Guest swapping, wherein both industry experts can give a shoutout to their podcasts. It is similar to a cross-platform promotion which is a win-win scenario either way for both the podcasters!

SEO-optimized Show Notes

Show notes are something that most podcasters tend to overlook but have great importance. For starters, you need to have show notes for every podcast, irrespective of the duration!

This will help you reach an even wider set of audience with minimal effort! How? Google, Bing, and other search engines tend to rank podcasts higher, which have show notes available under every episode by indexing the audio content. Hence, just create a simple written copy of the entire episode and witness your rankings blow up over time!

Giveaway Contests – Merchandise

If you think your traction is low, giveaways are the best ways to boost it in no time! People are always looking for free products and services or at a steep discount. 

Suppose you can offer a few services or products at competitive or free prices, such as an ebook, an online course, or even tickets to virtual events. In that case, you can find many potential listeners getting attracted to your podcasts real quickly!

Also, you must make the most out of the giveaways and engage in the best way possible with your listeners! Encourage them to participate in the giveaways and shower them with lucrative offers! 

Some of the Call to Action pointers you can try out to encourage more people to participate in your giveaways are:

  • Subscribe to our podcast on iTunes and share your experience in the reviews!
  • Follow us on our social media handles and use our hashtag for getting featured on our page!
  • Share the most recent episode you tuned into and tag us with our hashtag to get featured on our page!
  • Subscribe to our email newsletter list today and get exclusive offers on your favorite brands!

Giveaways need not be expensive!

You can even set giveaways of exclusive stickers, pens, notebooks, or other creative items which are low on investment! Nonetheless, everybody loves freebies irrespective of the actual price! Hence, you will surely gather more listeners by the end of the giveaways!

Webinar Hosting

With physical distancing becoming a norm due to the Pandemic, webinars are the current trend to get your message across to your listeners!

Host frequent engaging webinars, especially live ones, and connect with your audience on a personal level. Try discussing and having a healthy debate while encouraging their opinions on the webinar. This will make them feel more valued and may convert them into loyal listeners!

Here is a quick list of some free webinar hosting platforms for your podcast guerilla marketing strategy!

  • Zoom
  • Google meet
  • Facebook live
  • Youtube live
  • ezTalks

Speaking or Attending Virtual Summits or Conferences

Since most of us are restricted to the four walls of our room, virtual podcast summits or conferences are another fantastic way to connect with your audience!

You can schedule a podcast summit for an interesting topic within your niche and reach a global scale of audience with no geographic restrictions!

This way, you can easily extend your network and gather more sets of listens for your podcasts with pretty much no investment!

Some of the ways you can connect better with your virtual podcast summit or conference attendees are:

  • Conference hashtags
  • Slack channels
  • Live chats

And many more…

Real Word Examples of Guerilla Marketing

Now that we already know how to master the art of podcast guerilla marketing let’s check out a case study wherein a podcast achieved great success with guerrilla marketing!

The Podcast host radio station used the strategy of Guerilla marketing to promote their live music shows back in 2015!

The musician here started playing the best tracks on busy public transport, which immediately attracted a lot of people out there!

However, the musician also promoted his hashtag, Twitter account, and live show details beforehand! Now a passenger even started filming his live music, and the rest followed too!

Next, within an hour, he started selling more tickets to his next concerts and gained many new followers! He also got featured in the local newspapers and other online articles!

Even though there was no monetary investment in the entire strategy, they reaped long-term outcomes just from a single public show which was much better than the traditional marketing techniques!

Final Thoughts

Now that we know the power of guerilla marketing for podcasts, what’s stopping you from starting your first podcast guerilla marketing campaign? Follow the podcast guerrilla marketing tips and tricks that we mentioned, and you will gradually see growth in your listener count in no time!

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