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A Chat With Sean McCauley

by burk

On this episode of the WTF California Podcast, we sit down and chat with Sean McCauley to talk entrepreneurship, helping business, future of Contra Costa County. We get into City of Antioch, City of Brentwood and the potential. We also talk farming, wine, and more.



Sean McCauley began his life in Brentwood, California where he was raised working on an almond orchard and helped his family manage a chicken and egg business on their farm. Unsure of which career path to take upon high school graduation, McCauley fell into the pest control industry.

By the age of 20, McCauley was able to purchase his first piece of property and business. At 26 he boasted a net worth of over $1 million dollars. Six years later, at the age of 33, Sean had and estimated Net worth of just over $10 million dollars, and sold his first company.

McCauley has since dedicated nearly 25 years to commercial real estate, venture capital and business consulting. Sean bought, sold or rehabbed over 57 companies and has consulted with over 50 businesses. He has built a diverse and rotund commercial, agricultural and residential real estate portfolio and has a net worth of $72 million dollars.

Sean’s resume includes a notable list of industry and state-wide recognition. He has had the honor of serving as the Chairman and board member for The Pest Control Operators of California. He has been a featured spotlight as the SBA Young Entrepreneur of the Year; U.S. Top 100 Pest Management Companies-PTC Magazine; Top 40 under 40 Pest Management Professionals – PTC Magazine, Top 3 Fastest-Growing Private Companies – East Bay Business Times; 30 under 30 Most Influential Entrepreneurs – East Bay Business Times.

Today, Sean continues to seek out new business opportunities in both real estate, venture capital and business consulting. He is individually involved in all acquisitions and maintains an active, hands-on approach to each interaction helping grow and avoid the many pitfalls many small companies face today. To learn how Sean McCauley grew from a small-time farmer in a once forgotten Delta region in California to an expert on building business and personal wealth, enjoying the fruits of his labor, be sure to read his books “DNA of a Young Entrepreneur” and “Service to Sell.”

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Nate philippi September 25, 2021 - 4:02 am

Listening to pod cast with mcaully. Live the fact that a succeful person who is making money and doesn’t have to but still doesn’t like to see good stuff go to waist and finds people who will re use or repurpose . Alot of people in his situation wont take the time to deal with it. I create alot of my buisness buy having products I can use to make a job a unique and or save clients money. And when clients see the results of reusing items they love it because they have a design that nobody else has cause we work together to fill their wants ands needs and come up with cool things to do that make it theirs and they feel like they helped and we’re involved in creating something they live and are proud of. Then they can’t wait for the next project. I call it design in progress.


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