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An Interview With Antioch Resident Mark Jordan

by burk

On this episode of WTF California, we talk with Antioch resident Mark Jordan who has successfully sued the city of Antioch multiple times and has won. We get into how he got involved in watching the city, the hiring of the city manager, the unqualified interim city manager. We talk real estate and Section 8 in real life scenarios including impacts of rent control–Mark also points how Councilmembers Monica Wilson and Tamisha Torres-Walker have provided no plan, just a couple press conferences. We talk redistricting and the fiasco that has gone on and what it might take to change it–which includes a councilmember stepping up.  He highlights the impact on Antioch Police services and withholding items requested. In terms of community pride, Jordan questions if community pride can ever recover and we discuss if the council has tried to actually unite or divide–meanwhile, Jordan drops a history lesson on Antioch and how the history narrative by Mayor Lamar Thorpe is wrong.


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