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A Conversation with Contra Costa County Deputy District Attorney Chad Mahalich

by burk
WTF California

On this episode of WTF California Podcast, we are joined by Deputy District Attorney Chad Mahalich. He joins us to speak about what is currently going on within the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office under the leadership of District Attorney Diana Becton. He speaks about moral being down and the office has lost 50 attorneys since Becton was elected. Relationships and moral with police departments. We talk about how in this campaign, Mary Knox is the DA candidate who is for the victims, not the criminal. We talk about integrity, perjury, plagiarism and qualifications needed in the DA’s office. Low level crimes, homelessness and a ton of stuff!


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Melanie Schwartz May 13, 2022 - 2:41 pm

As a victim of violent crime that Mr. Mahalich went in and fought hard for, living it personally, please understand this interview only scratched the outer surface of the harm Becton has caused our family, and to the harm she is causing to the people working in DA’s office that are trying to serve and fight for us citizens. This includes non attorneys like the Victim’s Advocates and the Detectives along with Police working our cases. I wish this interview had more time speak to the gag order and lack of transparency Becton has put in place. If she was ethical, making good policies and uniting her team she would have no problem letting her office speak freely to the media and to the public. Becton is a Property Court Judge who’s heart is fully invested in the criminals well being and she needs to be in the public defenders office. Offenders can hire anyone on earth to defend them but victims can’t hire anyone they only have one single sole on earth and that’s the elected District Attorney, Mary Knoxs heart is fully invested in fair justice for the victim.


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